Frequently Asked Questions About Eligibility
How do I become eligible for this program?
To register for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, you must supply:
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) ID and Password
  • Payee Tax Identification Number (if you are reassigning your benefits to another provider)
  • Payee National Provider Identifier (NPI)(if you are reassigning your benefits to another provider)
For more explanation of the four steps to getting started click here.
How do I know if my EHS is certified?
The government maintains a list of certified healthcare IT (HIT) products. As products are certified, they are added to this list.
If I’m using MyChartsOnline I know that my software is certified.
What else do I need to do?
MyChartsOnline meets the criteria of a certified EHR system, but the provider is responsible for demonstrating meaningful use. Click here to read more about meaningful use criteria. As these requirements may change over time, be sure to visit to make sure that you are in compliance.
How Do I Apply for the EHR incentive program?
To register for the program, go to Download the Registration User Guide. You must have an NPI before registering.
By participating in the incentive program, am I guaranteed to receive the full $44,000 reimbursement?
$44,000 is the maximum incentive payout over five years if your first qualifying year is 2011 or 2012. However, your actual payment amount is based on 75% of your Medicare reimbursements for each payment year, up to the allowed amount for each year. The allowed maximum yearly reimbursement schedule is as follows:
Year 1: up to $18,000
Year 2: up to $12,000
Year 3: up to $8,000
Year 4: up to $4,000
Year 5: up to $2,000
What if I have multiple providers in my office? Are reimbursements provider-specific?
Yes! If there are two approved providers in the same office, there is an opportunity for two incentives.
Will Mychartsonline qualify me for the full EHR incentive distribution?
MyChartsOnline has been certified as meeting all of the requirements for an EHR system as outlined by Medicare.
If I do not accept assignment, am I still eligible for an incentive payment?
If you are not a Medicare participating physician but you still submit claims to Medicare for Part B services on behalf of Medicare patients, you are still eligible. If you successfully register and demonstrate meaningful use of a certified EHR, your incentive payment will reflect claims for all services.
MyChartsOnline Overview
MyChartsOnline is a web-based, chiropractic EHR software that is designed to do one thing very well: capture the patient notes of chiropractors in electronic form. By switching from handwritten notes to MyChartsOnline, you will experience a huge advance in speed, convenience, and accuracy.

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