Want to find out more about the ARRA stimulus program?
There are a number of Web sites where you can get more information on various parts of the stimulus program. Each provider is responsible for understanding the program and demonstrating meaningful use. Check out these Web sites for more information and updates:

The official web site of CMS covering the EHS stimulus program:

For questions and updates:

To obtain an NPI:

To set up an NPPES account:

To register for the stimulus program:

It is the responsibility of each provider of a clinical, office-based practice to demonstrate “meaningful use” of the software. Understanding meaningful use and implementing an EHR system are important parts of preparing for the 2011 reimbursement schedule. To receive the full incentive payout, providers must fulfill these requirements before 2013. After 2015, there will be penalties for not adopting a qualified EHR system, including a 1-5% cut in Medicare payouts.
MyChartsOnline Overview
MyChartsOnline is a web-based, chiropractic EHR software that is designed to do one thing very well: capture the patient notes of chiropractors in electronic form. By switching from handwritten notes to MyChartsOnline, you will experience a huge advance in speed, convenience, and accuracy.

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